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The Fishing indexGo fishing at the right time at sea or in fresh water!

What is the fishing index?

The Fisability Index allows you to know in real time the best time to go fishing, no matter where you are. Updated every 3 minutes, it tells you, for each commune in France and a score of 0 to 10, the probability of a good fishing.

How does it work?

With agronomists and more than 60 "expert fishers", we have developed an algorithm that analyzes a quarantine data specific to fishing. For each criterion recovered, our "fishing experts" assigned a coefficient consistent with the impact that the criterion may have on fishing.

The algorithm combines all these criteria to give real-time fishing forecast over 4 days.

You will find at the bottom of the page the list of examples of the criteria taken into account.

This index is nowadays observed by fishing professionals and is also used by many media, including the newspaper Ouest France, which offers it on all local pages. its website!

1. The fishing index at sea

Based on the behavior of the bar, the index of fishing at sea is applicable to a large number of fish.

Factors taken into account:

  • Tides (Atlantic and Channel)
  • Lunar and solar seasons
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Time of year
  • Swell height
  • Wind force

2. The index of fishing in fresh water

Adapted specifically for carnivores like pike, the index of freshwater fishing ability is applicable to a large number of fish from our lakes and rivers.

Factors taken into account:

  • Lunar fishing period of Knight
  • Solar Seasonality
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Period of the year
  • Wind force

3. A FishingTheSpot exclusive customized for your city

Example of the different factors

TIDES: A favorable tide is a rising tide because hunting is simplified for predators.
The stronger the currents, the more the funds are brewed, the more the food abounds, the more they go out

THE TIME: At night, dawn and dusk are also more favorable for carnivores.

THE MOON: The moon also has its role to play, our calendar takes into account the lunar calendar of the famous fisherman John Alden Knight.

THE SEASON: The season of the year is extremely important: winter or summer changes the fishery completely.
The fishing index also takes into account the breeding periods of each species to encourage anglers to protect the resource.

The temperature of the water, the temperature of the air, the atmospheric pressure, the force of the wind are all parameters which have an impact on the probabilities of making a success of your fishing trip

We collect all these elements for each commune of France in real time and our algorithm calculates the best time to go fishing locally.

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