The Templateby FishingTheSpot

Thanks to an exclusive technological innovation, measure and homologate your catch with a simple photo!

1.How does it work?

A revolutionary measuring system by its simplicity and precision

2.What's the point ?

Developed by the engineers of Polytechnique, the Digital Measuring Template opens many possibilities to keep and quickly consult your best fishing memories!

  • Measure and certify your catch quickly
  • Save your catch in your digital fishing book
  • Discover your fishing statistics
  • Compare your catches with those of other anglers

3.How to use the template ?

Have fun ! Enjoy and share your experience on Facebook!
In one click, share photos of your approved catch with your friends and invite other anglers to join you!

What not to do

  • The fish and the template are crooked
  • The fish is not whole
  • The 4 crosses are not visible
  • Post the same fish several times

What to do

  • Put the fish next to the template
  • Take a picture of the whole fish
  • The 4 crosses must be visible
  • Only one photo is enough for the measurement